Should You Invest in Dallas Real Estate Market

Statistics reveal that the average homeownership price in Dallas surged by 18% in 2021 compared to 2020. The city’s high population expansion and economic growth are the key drivers stimulating demand for houses.

Census statistics show that from July 2020 to July 2021, the Dallas Metro population increased by 97,290 people due to domestic migration. The net domestic migration, defined by the number of people relocating to the city and those exiting, has increased.

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Are you afraid of venturing into the Dallas real estate market? You shouldn’t. Chris D. Bentley, voted one of the Best Dallas Realtors in 2021, shares the secrets of why Dallas is the prime real estate market you should consider investing in.

 You can rest assured that Chris D. Bentley’s vast experience in this sector will have you sorted. He guides you through the process of purchasing residential and commercial properties and leasing, offering exceptional professional services to you. He has successfully helped many people access their dream homes. Therefore, let not the complexity of the home-buying process deter you from achieving your homeownership dream.

Why Should You Invest In Dallas Real Estate?

  1. There is High Insatiable House Demand in the City

Immigration to the city has been boosted by the presence of the best academic institutions like the University of Texas Austin. Since most people relocating to the city do not own houses, demand for rental houses increases. You can purchase an apartment and convert it to a hostel or a restaurant.

The city has been experiencing a low supply of residential houses due to inadequate construction of new apartments. Additionally, you could purchase the existing houses and capitalize on the current rental houses market.

  1. Appreciation of Real Estate Assets

Data from the Dallas real estate market trend show that the value of houses in the city has risen by 20% over the last year. You could consider a long-term investment plan of purchasing an apartment now at a lower cost and reselling it after several years to generate profits through appreciation.

 In the short run, as you buy time for the price to rise, you could lease out the apartment for rentals earning your income.

  1. There is an Availability of Right Mentorship by Chris D. Bentley

Chris D. Bentley has customized each client’s services to ensure that you get the correct information on the ideal house unit to purchase. He will guide you on the best home financing programs to ensure that the monthly installments are convenient to you if you use a mortgage. He has a wide variety of properties that you could choose from based on your budget.

Wrap Up

Venturing into Dallas real estate is a viable and profitable idea. Chris D. Bentley has vast experience and was credited as one of the Best Realtors in Dallas in 2021. He has established that the city offers an ideal real estate market. Through his expertise, he will help you purchase your residential or commercial apartment with ease.

You could invest in rental homes  or buy apartment buildings and lease them out for several years for the price to appreciate then dispose of them at a profit. You can connect with Chris D. Bentley on Twitter @ or Linkedin @

Top 4 Treatments That Will Give Your Skin a Noticeable Boost

When it comes to beautiful skin, most people have to put in a little effort to get results. The skin is the largest organ of the skin, and it goes through a lot in one’s lifetime. It renews itself regularly, it helps form a barrier against external factors, and it can even give you a heads-up if you have any underlying health issues. Not to mention, healthy skin can help you look and feel younger. Here are four effective treatments that will help give your skin a noticeable boost.

  1. Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is the ideal procedure for people who are unhappy with the tone and texture of their skin. Chemical peels involve applying a type of acid to the skin. It helps the skin look more radiant by exfoliating the skin causing old, dead skin to peel. In turn, this forces new skin cells to replenish and replace the dead ones. Although just one treatment can make your skin appear brighter, regular treatments can help transform the aesthetic of your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

  1. Dermaplaning

As you probably already know, dead skin cells and debris can clog up your pores and cause breakouts and dull skin. Dermaplaning can help treat these issues. This treatment helps exfoliate the skin by using a scalpel to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair—the ‘peach fuzz’ on the face. Karma is a beauty clinic based in Holywood, and they offer high-quality dermaplaning treatments. You can get more information about dermaplaning by visiting Their procedure begins with a deep cleanse of the skin. The skin is then treated with a medical-grade solution before the scalpel is used. An enzyme peel is then applied to remove the dead skin cells. Dermaplaning may sound daunting, but when performed by a professional, this procedure is completely safe and can leave you with rejuvenated skin.

  1. Microneedling

Microneedling is another treatment that sounds scarier than it actually is. This minimally invasive procedure involves the use of small, fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. By creating these wounds, the skin kick starts its healing process and encourages the body to produce more collagen and elastin. This is a great treatment for people who suffer from acne and scarring, as it helps even out skin tone.

  1. Ultherapy to Tighten Skin

As with microneedling, this treatment revolves around collagen production. Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound technology to target deeper layers of skin to help tighten it up. This procedure can help reduce loose skin, which is why it is commonly used on the face and in the neck and chest area.

  1. Personalized Facial

Sometimes, all you really need to give yourself a boost is a good facial. At the very minimum, a facial should exfoliate your skin, remove any blackheads and hydrate the skin. However, a trained aesthetician should be able to tailor the treatment to suit your individual needs and skin type.

There you have it, four treatments that will give you glowing skin. 

Keeping Aging Parents at Home: 4 Things to Consider

It is always difficult to place aging parents in a nursing home or care facility so many adult children opt to keep their parents at home. If you are faced with this decision, there are some things you need to consider before opting to keep them at home with you. Much of the time it can be done but it will take a bit of rearranging your home and lifestyle to make a smooth transition from their home to yours.

1. Safety

While you want your elderly parents to be comfortable, safety should be your main concern. If they are suffering from any form of dementia, certain safety precautions should be observed. You will probably want to ensure they stay inside the home, or at least within the grounds, because suffering from dementia may cause them to forget where they live. You don’t want them wandering the streets lost and confused. You may feel as though you are keeping them a prisoner by keeping the doors securely locked or with gates keeping them in the yard, but it really is to keep them safe from wandering lost in traffic.

2. Specialised Care Products

You will also probably need an assortment of specialised care products you can find on sites like These would include such things as nursing beds, incontinence pads for the bed, incontinence underwear, shower chairs and other items to help keep them safe and comfortable while allowing you to give them the care they need.

3. In-Home Nursing Care

Some aging parents need nursing care but even then, you would rather have them at home where they feel safe and comfortable. In-home nursing care is available and sometimes a finite number of hours can be covered by the NHS and other times private insurance can cover all or part of the cost. When they begin needing shots or medications on very specific hours, although you are a loving adult child of aging parents, the care they require may be out of the scope of what you can handle.

4. Respite Care

Another thing to consider when choosing to keep your parents at home where they know they are loved and wanted is the fact that this can literally be a 24/7 job. At some point you will break if you don’t get time away. It could be one evening a week or it could be one weekend away with your spouse. Even the carer needs to be cared for from time to time and what better way is there than seeking a bit of respite care? Some insurance cover also provides this so you may want to check your policy to see if this is available to you.

It may be the loving thing to do but you should always be prepared for a new set of needs your aging parents will experience. As long as you are prepared and allow for time away for yourself, all should go well. Just know that if it gets to be more than you can handle, there are care homes out there as a last resort. 

How to Get Pretty Nails at Home

It can be lovely to visit the manicurist, but doing your own nails at home can be very enjoyable and achieve fantastic results too. And as long as you follow some simple steps and focus on the job in hand (see what we did there?) you never need to worry that your nails will let you down.

Before you start make sure you have all your equipment. You need a basic manicure set as well as some products to use and color your nails. It is important to choose a good quality brand in order to get good results.

We like Zoya because this company specializes in professional nail care products so you can rely on their quality. A good place to start is with the Zoya Naked Manicure Travel Kit, because this provides a selection of color polishes, plus the base coat and top coat perfector.

Step 1: Clean your nails with nail polish remover. Even if you are not wearing any nail polish, doing this will remove any oils or dirt that could spoil the final finish.

Step 2:  Now clip and file your nails to get them into shape and then use a buffer. A buffer creates a smooth surface and removes any ridges, making your nails look more youthful. 

Step 3: Work on your cuticles. First use an oil-based cuticle softener to soften dry and dead skin. Then push the cuticles back with a cuticle stick. You can use this stick to remove any dirt trapped under the nails. Then wash your hands and nails and dry them. 

Step 4: Moisturise your hands and cuticles. This is a nice way to feel luxurious and give your hands some TLC. Once you have finished clean your nails again with nail varnish remover to ensure there is no residue 

Step 5:  Now it is time to apply a base coat to your nails. This will protect your nails from chipping, as well as hydrate your nails. Zoya Naked Base is a good choice for this as it is easy to apply and a great neutral color. 

Step 6: Apply the first color coat. Always keep the layer thin and make sure you get the brush right down to the cuticle and in all corners of the nail and although the coat to dry thoroughly. You have a fantastic range of colors to choose from. Check out the Zoya range for some color inspiration.

Step 7: With a thin layer of polish already in place, the second coat should be easy to apply. Again keep this layer thin and if you are choosing a light or pastel shade, bear in mind you may have to add another layer. It takes around 2 minutes for each layer to dry so set your timer.

Step 8: Once the color is how you like it, fix your work with a top coat sealer. If you don’t do this your nails are likely to chip so this important step prolongs the lifespan and keeps your nails looking good for much longer than otherwise. Be extremely careful with this stage. Because the top coat will shrink when it is dry, it may cause unsightly ridges if it is not applied carefully. 

Step 9: Now clean up! Remove any splodges or wobbly edges around your nails with a ball of cotton wool soaked in nail varnish remover and wrapped around a cuticle stick. This will enable you to achieve straight lines and clear away any imperfections.

Home Improvements You Didn’t Know You Needed

There’s no place like home! There is truth to that popular phrase. Your home is a place where you should feel relaxed and comfortable. When you get used to seeing your home everyday, sometimes you don’t notice when there are things that could use some sprucing up. Making some of these small changes can make coming home at the end of a long day even better than it is now!

Fresh Paint

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! Over time, the paint on your walls can become dirty or outdated. Choosing a new color, or painting over with the same color just to have a fresh new coat, can make more of a difference than you think! Your walls aren’t the only thing that you can add some fresh paint to. Refinishing certain furniture (such as a wooden coffee table or dressers) can add a whole new look to a room. You can get creative with colors, designs, and finishes. Not only will you have a fresh new look, but it can also be fun!

Home Gym

If you have a room in your home that you don’t use much, or maybe you have some additional space in a garage or yard, adding a home gym can be a life-changing update. Not only are you more likely to get in some heart-healthy exercise if you have gym equipment at home, but you can also give that functional space a functional makeover. Gym equipment is heavy! Make sure you have the help you need to get this equipment delivered to your home. Movin’ is one of the best and top rated Salt Lake City UT long distance moving companies out there. They do it all! Everything from packing to storage and obviously moving – they have you covered. If you are looking for a moving company to help with the heavy lifting, Movin’ can provide reliable service from seasoned professionals, accurate estimates and pricing, and convenient appointment scheduling too.

House Plants

If a home gym and fresh paint are too space-, money-, or time-consuming, opt for an easy and inexpensive way to spruce things up: House plants! House plants have been shown to increase the fresh air in your home; however, they are also a wonderful way to add some color and decoration to a space. There are many different options when it comes to house plants, so visit a home improvement or plant store to pick out your special new decoration. Make sure it is safe for pets if you have any!

A Pet

Speaking of pets.. If you do not already have one, a pet can brighten up a home like nothing else. There is nothing better and more comforting than your pet happily greeting you when you get home! Having certain pets can be a huge commitment, like a dog or cat, but these are not your only options if you’re in a smaller or a home that isn’t pet-friendly. Pets like fish or small birds can brighten up your home and give you some company to welcome you back.

Natural Light

Does your home feel dark and dreary all the time? Open up those blinds! Natural light has been shown to improve happiness and mental health. Letting some sunshine into your home can make it feel brighter and more welcoming. If you can, open up your windows to let in some fresh air, as well! 

Air Purifier

When I first got an Office air purifier, I was shocked at how much dirt and dust was collected on the filter in a very short amount of time. Some of the particles in the air are so small that you can’t see them; however, they are still collecting on surfaces and entering your lungs as you breathe. Investing in a quality air purifier can not only decrease dust on the surfaces in your home, but can quite literally help you breathe easier!