Shadows of Valor Reissue

The reissue of SHADOWS OF VALOR, by Elsie Park will be available in paperback and ebook formats March 14th, 2017 everywhere online and in select stores. (Hey, that’s today!!!)

BLURB: Something dark stirs within the peaceful walls of the prosperous town of Graywall, something only the mysterious knight-spy known as The Shadow can overcome. Torn between a sense of justice and a desire for revenge, The Shadow is the nobleman Sir Calan, who must use his skills to assist the Lord of Graywall. When Sir Calan is sent to hunt down smugglers who have run rampant after the levying of a harsh tax by King Edward, he learns of a plot against the just ruler of the town, Lord Shaufton. To thwart this plot, Calan enters a pseudo courtship with Shaufton’s daughter under the guise of Sir Calan, even as he wrestles with emotions stirred by the lovely Elsbeth, Lord Shaufton’s niece. Elsbeth may be the only person who can heal Calan’s troubled soul, but she has secrets of her own. Rife with deceit, greed, and betrayal, Shadow of Valor is a timeless tale of honor, love, and redemption.

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Book Spotlight: The Finger Trap

Today, we get a treat from author Johnny Worthen! He’s going to tell us about his personal connections to his latest release, The Finger Trap. Read on for entertaining details from a talented writer! ~A


FingerTrapI have a problem according many modern marketers, I write in multiple genres. My best selling series is YA paranormal something. My debut was a horror and within the last year I’ve had two mysteries be published. I wear tie-dye as a metaphor for being multiple genre author, a symbol to combine the multiple tiles and genres into a kaleidoscope I wear on my body because ultimately, I am the connecting tissue all the book.

Though I say that I have yet to write a book that couldn’t be taught successfully in an English Class thus suggesting that my books are all literary and thus connected, the truth is that they’re all about me. Whether it’s a group of people struggling with love and it’s horrors as in BEATRYSEL or my fear of change and acceptance ELEANOR or testing the limits of my own beliefs as in THE BRAND DEMAND, each is ultimately an investigation into my own psyche. They’re all about me. None more so than THE FINGER TRAP.

Tony Flaner is a malingering part-time detective, full time sarcastic who’s never had it hard and never really finished a thing in his life. Many readers have commented on the resemblance between my fictional detective and me, hopefully for the good parts, but I will tell you that I am not Tony. Tony is not me. Tony is the man I want to be. I wrote him to explore what it felt like to be comfortable in your own skin, to have the confidence and perspective to realize how truly ludicrous the world is. He’s full of flaws and is better for them. He struggles with his own personal limitations as I do daily and finally finishes something. THE FINGER TRAP was that very experience for me. THE FINGER TRAP was the book that convinced me that I wanted to be a writer.

The true theme of the book can only be understood and appreciated when the reader holds it in their hands, feeling its weight, ruffling its pages and reading the tale beginning, middle and end. It is the embodiment of completion for Tony and for me, his creator. The book’s existence completes the parallel tale of author and protagonist.

THE FINGER TRAP is by far my most autobiographical and personal book. Far and away the most fun and funniest of my titles in print. It is a call to Carpe Diem, an ode toe the Flaneur and the success of a completion. It is a modern noir, mid-life crisis, coming of age, social satire, comedy – with quiche.

Readers don’t need to understand or care about the personal journey it represents for me. It has been recognized and praised on its own merits even by people who don’t know me. I’m eternally grateful to them and and all of the readers. It’s public validation for a personal quest.

Gotta’ love Tony Flaner.

Some reviews:

“I love a smart-aleck hero, and Johnny Worthen has a real winner in Tony Flaner. The Finger Trap is a rollicking good time.” —Steve Brewer, author, the Bubba Mabry mysteries
“I love a smart-aleck hero, and Johnny Worthen has a real winner in Tony Flaner. The Finger Trap is a rollicking good time.” —Steve Brewer, author, the Bubba Mabry mysteries

“Johnny Worthen trapped more than just my finger in this fun mystery. His writing is captivating, as are his characters. Highly recommended!” —Becky Clark

“A voice driven, modern noir, social satire, coming of age mid-life crisis comedy detective story. With quiche. So good, I’d write it again. :-)” —Johnny Worthen

“Don’t read this book lying down. You could choke to death laughing. This book was more than just funny. It’s a great the bad guy gets it in the end story. I hope there will be more Tony Flaner Mysteries.”


If you’d like to see more about Johnny Worthen, his other books, or The Finger Trap, click on any of the links below:

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Black Jack – The Ace of Hearts Book Two

Melanie S’velare is a survivor, the strongest witch in her coven, and a princess. With the key to her magic, the Ace of Hearts, presumably destroyed, her powers continue to grow. As her power increases, her control on them becomes weaker until it is clear she may be the most powerful witch on the planet and the most dangerous. The Alaman, another coven, concerned by her strength, send an ambassador to gauge her control, stability, and how dangerous she truly is. The Alaman are well known for killing witches who pose a threat to their own powerful hold over the globe and if they see fit to end her life, she will have no choice but to fight.

With her soulmate by her side and the remains of her Vanguard, Melanie strives to maneuver a maze of political scandals designed to make her falter. If she fails, she will not only lose her throne to the traitorous Lord Rossi, but also her life to the fiery Alaman.

Melanie can only pray her secret that the Ace of Hearts is alive and manipulating them all in a final deadly game is never revealed.

Black Jack book two in the Ace of Hearts series will be released July 2015.

Sounds awesome, right? If you haven’t read Ace of Hearts (book 1) check it out here. Are you ready for the big reveal? Drumroll….

Black Jack Cover


About the author:

headshot Mikki KellsMikki Kells is both a writer and a rider. She spends her nights crafting fantastical stories and her afternoons bowing to the demands of her beloved horse. Her interests in fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal stories developed from a childhood of imaginary exploits and continue to influence her professional career. She resides in central Utah.

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Twitter/Instagram: @mikkikells


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A Fantastic Fairytale Fad

Fairytales have emerged as the latest movie fad. How long will this last? A lot longer than you think.

The fairytale seems to be all the rage in Hollywood today. Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed fairytales such as Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood reappear into our lives. This year, Snow White made her way to the big screen; but she is slightly feistier than we last remembered. Next year doesn’t seem to be looking any different with “comebacks” from our favorite fairytales both Jack and the Beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel. The fad looks to be far from over. Why the sudden interest in fairytales? Perhaps it has more to do with success.

Movie trends have spanned across various genres and themes over the years. The fairy tale is no exception.  First came American Pie which led to a series of movies centering on teenagers who desperately wanted to explore their sexual fantasies (Eurotrip, Roadtrip). Then came Harry Potter who gave a green light for all the other goblin-filled movies (Percy Jackson, The Golden Compass) to follow pursuit—ultimately paling in comparison. David Heyman, producer of Harry Potter, shares his insight, “We weren’t trying to emulate anything, and we didn’t have too many people in the mix trying to say what it should be. You’ve got Jo Rowling’s voice and the director’s voice. We’re not creating a product; we’re adapting Jo Rowling’s books.” Audiences can’t be fooled for too long. This is ultimately why imitated works usually do not live up to the originals.

Many films with comparable storylines go into production at the same time. Computer animated films have been a huge culprit of this. Have you noticed animated movies come lumped together exploring both the same themes and terrains? Surprise. Animation first explored the harsh realities of those living in the soil (A Bug’s Life, Antz) and then moved to the depths of the sea (Finding Nemo, A Shark’s Tale).  CG even shed light on some mysterious creatures that we didn’t even know existed (Monsters Inc., Shrek). Once computer animation was able to convincingly capture Mother Nature’s wrath, we were flooded with volcanoes (Dante’s Peak, Volcano) and asteroids (Deep Impact, Armageddon) and other natural disaster movies. Now audiences can look forward to being haunted by their favorite childhood stories.

Hollywood isn’t entirely to blame for the new crave. Many moviegoers enjoy rediscovering those sentimental fairytales from their youth. It is a nice escape from their routine lives. Additionally, Fairytales have done extremely well on the big screen in the past several years. After all, can you really blame movie executives for striking the iron while it’s hot? Movie executives are merely attempting to reproduce the success. At least that’s what Hollywood screenwriter and veteran William Goldman maintains. While the overabundance of fairytales may seem like a cheesy fad, it’s been very lucrative. Don’t look for the craze to die down anytime soon.

Serge is the founder of Edictive and is a seasoned production professional as well as a leading technology product specialist in film production management space