Book Lovers: How to Use Collagen for Glowing Skin

When considering skincare beauty products, collagen is one ingredient many have in common. Collagen is known for giving skin a healthy glow, and it’s important to include it in your dietary and daily routines to fight aging.

But what exactly is collagen and what makes it so essential in promoting healthy aging? Read on to find out.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is found in bones, muscles, skin, the digestive system, blood and tendons. It gives tendons flexibility and elasticity and works in a similar way in the skin fighting wrinkles and providing a healthy glow.

As we get older, collagen production slows in the body. When women reach their mid-twenties, they can begin losing as much as 1% of collagen a year. After menopause, total loss can be as high as 30-50%. This results in thinner skin that is more prone to wrinkles.

Decreased collagen in the body also leads to weak or decreased cartilage making for weaker joints and tendons and reduced range of movement.

Why Taking a Collagen Supplement is Important

Taking a collagen supplement can make up for the collagen our bodies lose over the years.

When finding a supplement that’s right for you, there are a few things to consider. First, you should be aware that there are different types of collagen – collagen Type 1 and collagen Type 2.

Here are the benefits the different types of collagen provide:

Collagen Types 1 and 2:

·  Supports healthy aging

·  Supports healthy skin

·  Supports healthy bones

·  Supports hair and nail health

·  May support circulation

·  Supports muscle health

Collagen Type 2:

·  Supports cartilage health

·  Supports joint health

·  Contains glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin

Collagen comes in a variety of forms including powders and capsules. It can also be found in topical formulas that can be applied directly to skin.

Collagen found in lotions will be most beneficial to skin and will not affect health in other areas of the body. Dietary supplements may be formulated to help skin while others will be beneficial throughout the body.

Finding the Right Products

If you are interested in adding collagen to your daily routine, it’s important to source it from a brand you can trust. That way, you will feel confident that the product you are buying is as pure and potent as possible.

Jarrow Formulas and Irwin Naturals are two brands that manufacture collagen products you can rely on.

Jarrow Formulas is a company that produces nutritional products that cover the entire field of natural health. Their amino acids, digestive enzymes and concentrates are potent and high quality. They have a variety of collagen supplements that support healthy skin, bones, joints, and muscles.

Irwin Naturals offers a range of supplements that promote the health of almost the entire bodily system. Their liquid soft gels provide the ultimate absorption of nutrients. Their collagen products are designed to provide optimal wellness throughout the body.

Collagen is an important part of healthy aging. A supplement will make up for the natural loss that occurs throughout the years. How will you be adding it to your diet to reverse the hands of time?

Still Stressed and Stuck at Home? Try Mindfulness and Reading for Health and Relaxation

The pandemic has all of us stressed. We are uncertain about our financial futures and we are concerned about the health of ourselves and our loved ones. And with experts advising us to stay home, there’s not much we can do to take our minds off things.

During these times, practicing mindfulness can really help.

Mindfulness is the practice of staying focused on the present moment. It keeps us from worrying about the future or the past and makes us appreciate what’s in front of us. It’s a great way to reduce stress and boost mood.

If you are feeling down, here are some ways you can try mindfulness for health and relaxation.

How to Practice Mindfulness for Health

Take a Moment in the Morning: Before rushing out of bed and getting into your routine, take a minute to be thankful for the day. Breathe deeply and look around you taking inventory of all you have to be grateful for.

Mindful Eating: Let’s face it, many of us rush through meals. Instead of rushing through your next meal, try eating slowly. Chew your food thoroughly, enjoying each bite. Not only will this be good for mental health, it will also improve digestion.

Enjoy Nature: Getting out into nature is a great way to boost mindfulness. Take in the beauty of what’s around you and breathe in the fresh air while letting those distractions melt away.

Meditate: Mindful meditation is a sort of meditation that makes you aware of what you’re sensing and feeling. It uses relaxation and breathing techniques to help you achieve a higher state of mindfulness. It helps reduce stress in the mind and body.

Be Creative: Being creative is an effortless way to become mindful. Creativity forces us to concentrate on what we are doing and truly enjoy the process. It involves stress relieving activities that fill us with a sense of accomplishment.

Avoid Multitasking: So many of us try to do more than one thing at a time. While it might seem like multitasking makes you more productive, it often results in two projects that are below standards as well as added stress and anxiety. Instead of trying to take on everything at once, focus on one task at a time. This will increase mindfulness, reduce stress and provide a better outcome overall.

Herbal Supplements Can Help

A healthy lifestyle can also make you more mindful. A good diet and exercise will make you happy and healthy so you can better enjoy what’s in front of you.

In planning a diet optimized for mindfulness, consider adding the right herbal supplements. Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax is highly recommended.

Gaia Herbs manufactures high quality, high potency homeopathic products. Their Sleep & Relax formula contains a blend of herbs that is designed to promote better sleep and a calming of the body and mind. It is gluten free, soy free, vegan, and USDA certified organic.

The pandemic has gotten us all feeling uncertain. Practicing mindfulness for health can soothe some of the tension we are experiencing. What do you do to calm your mind and body?

Office Essentials For A Productive Atmosphere

When it comes to getting work done, working in the right environment can make all the difference – if you’ve ever tried to work on a project in a noisy or disorganized workspace, you probably know this firsthand! Luckily, a lot can be done to set up the right environment and, below, we’ll go over four simple tips to help you get the most productivity out of your day.


This is a big one. If you have a disorganized desk, it’s easy for your brain to feel “disorganized,” too. If you’re working from home, it’s a good idea to tidy up not just your workspace but the areas around it as well.

When things are organized, you won’t waste time searching for items you need like a pen or paper. You can set aside space on your desk or in drawers for different types of items so you can access them quickly and easily.

Try an Essential Oil Diffuser

Believe it or not, the right scent can help you be more productive. Besides helping you to destress and be more focused, certain essential oils actually have their own unique effects. For productivity, one of your go-to’s should be peppermint – a couple of studies have confirmed that it increases alertness and energy levels.

Rosemary is another good option, as shown by one study from Northumbria University in the UK which demonstrated the scent improves concentration levels and boosts memory.

Lavender can help you sleep (a good night’s sleep can, of course, increase productivity) and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Get Plenty of Natural Light

If you can, opt to put your desk around doors or windows that let light in: this is because our brains respond to natural light. Light helps regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythm. If you’re being exposed to light, your brain and body know it’s time to be awake, alert, and get to work!

Use a Proper Chair

Chairs are a lot more important than we realize when it comes to getting things done. Think about it:: you’re going to be sitting there for hours at a time, and your posture can either help you relax or create fatigue through unnecessary stress on your spine.

A chair with a slight recline is best to reduce pressure on your back. If you’re working in an office, you can ask your company to provide an adjustable chair for you, especially if you’re already experiencing back pain.

Also, do your best to sit somewhat upright when working as, if you’re slouching, your mind tends to follow your body! A comfortable chair and an upright position help to boost productivity.


These are some of the most important tips when it comes to boosting productivity in the workplace. Give decluttering or an essential oil diffuser a try, and you’ll be surprised how much more you’re able to get done!

Fitness Secrets for Women Over 40

Everyone likes to keep in shape and stay healthy. But when you get to the age of 40, the game plan changes a bit.

As we get older, our bodies may need a little more to maintain the healthy lifestyle we once enjoyed. After the age of 40, bone density lowers, metabolism slows down and energy levels decrease. It is important to address these changes by coming up with a fitness plan that counters the effects of aging.

If you just hit the big 4-0, here are some fitness secrets that will keep you in great shape in years to come.

Weightlifting is Key

As you become older, your body begins to lose bone mass. Weight lifting is the one of the best ways to counter this loss. It stresses your bones to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and frailty.

Strength training also increases balance to make women less likely to fall, a common cause of injury in the elderly.

Weight Maintenance is Important

Excess weight also puts extra stress on bones increasing the risk of osteoporosis. As women get older, metabolism slows down making it even more essential to maintain a healthy weight.

Women over 40 should focus on maintaining weight by including some type of cardio in their workout. HIIT is best because the periods of intense exercise combined with more relaxed activity constantly challenges the body allowing you to achieve maximum calorie burn.

It is also important for women to be breaking a sweat during their workout. This is a sign of calorie and fat burn. Although some types of exercise, such as yoga, are good for strength training, if you are not breaking a sweat during your workouts, consider adding some cardio to your routine.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

As we get older, our muscles become stiff. This stiffness may keep our bodies from achieving a full range of motion as we exercise. Stretching before a workout is one of the best fitness secrets as it will relieve stiffness helping women get the most out of their movements.

It is best to stretch when muscles are warmed up. Therefore, consider getting on the treadmill for a few minutes before stretching. Then proceed with your workout.

Add Fitness Shakes

Fitness shakes are important because they will help make your workout more effective. Protein shakes will give you the energy you need while boosting your metabolism, increasing calorie burn, and reducing your appetite.

Dr. Formulated Keto Fit Weight Loss Shake by Garden of Life is a high protein shake that is recommended for keeping fit.

Garden of Life is one of the most innovative suppliers of whole food nutritional supplements. Their Keto Fit Weight Loss Shake is designed to make your workout more efficient. It supports fat burn and digestion, it fights cravings, and it has a delicious chocolate flavor.

Getting older isn’t always easy, but these fitness secrets will help you stay in great shape as you advance into middle age. What tips do you recommend for keeping healthy over 40?  

Summer Reading: Books About Health and Wellbeing

The summer is a great time to catch up on reading. There are many types of books you can get lost in on a summer day, including romance novels, detective novels, biographies … and the list goes on.

You also might want to read books on how you can improve your health and wellbeing. These books will give you guidance for boosting your quality of life. If this is the type of reading you would like to be doing this summer, here are a few books that are recommended.

5 Books About Health and Wellbeing

The Silent Path by Avinash Ramakrishna

Many people are able to improve their mental health through meditation and spirituality. In this book, the author helps readers explore their inner selves to find out who they truly are. He explains mediation, enlightenment, and provides readers with the tools they need to help them better understand life.

Solid Ground by T.W. Lewis

Finding ways to improve your professional and personal relationships can provide a healthier mindset overall. In this book, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author T.W. Lewis provides advice that will help you find your passion and purpose. He believes that these building blocks will allow his readers to lead more fulfilled and productive lives.

Inside Poop by Scott W. Webb

This title might not sound appealing to everyone, but those with digestive disorders should consider adding this one to their summer reading list. Webb is a colon therapist who provides readers with medical wisdom about their health and wellbeing. He includes advice on how to cleanse your colon to reduce the risk of disease, improve digestive issues, maintain a healthy weight, and even boost your mental state.

Diabetes Head to Toe by Rita Kalyani

Diabetes is a serious disease that requires proper care and management. This book features information compiled from the world’s leading doctors including the best methods for care and prevention. It also includes breaking news and the latest updates in the diabetes medical industry.

Eat Drink and Be Healthy by Walter C. Willett, M.D.

In this book, Willett gives recommendations on healthy eating while debunking popular diet myths. He exposes the problems with popular diet plans and provides valuable information on how to choose the foods that are right for you based on nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, food groups, and other relevant factors.

While reading books can provide insight on healthier living, the information is useless unless you carry the recommended practices out in real life. Natural Healthy Concepts is an online retailer that provides a wide variety of health and wellness products that can relieve stress, improve your diet, minimize pain, and get you looking and feeling your best. The items they sell will help you reach the health and wellness goals these authors are hoping you achieve.  

This summer, why not take advantage of the long, lazy afternoons to get some much-needed reading done? Which of these books will you be adding to your library?